3-001  A Puma at large 逃遁的美洲狮
3-002  Thirteen equals one 十三等于一
3-003  An unknown goddess 无名女神
3-004  The double life of Alfred Bloggs 双重生活
3-005  The facts 确切数字
3-006  Smash-and-grab 砸橱窗抢劫
3-007  Mutilated ladies 残钞鉴别组
3-008  A famous monastery 著名的修道院
3-009  Flying cats 飞猫
3-010  The loss of the Titanic“泰坦尼克”号的沉没
3-011  Not guilty 无罪
3-012  Life on a desert island 荒岛生活
3-013  "It's only me" “是我,别害怕”
3-014  A noble gangster 贵族歹徒
3-015  Fifty pence worth of trouble 五十便士的麻烦
3-016  Little White Lamb
3-017  The longest suspension bridge 最长吊桥
3-018  Electric currents in modern art 现代艺术电流
3-019  A very dear cat 一条贵重的宝贝猫
3-020  Pioneer pilots 飞行员的先驱
3-021  Daniel Mendoza 丹尼尔.门多萨
3-022  By heart 熟记台词
3-023  One man's meat is another man's poison
3-024  A skeleton in the cupboard “家丑”
3-025  The Cutty Sark “卡蒂萨克”号帆船
3-026  Wanted: a large biscuit tin 征购大饼干筒
3-027  Nothing to sell and nothing to buy 不卖不买
3-028  Five pound too dear 五磅也太贵
3-029  Funny or not? 是否可笑?
3-030  The death of a ghost 幽灵之死
3-031  A lovable eccentric 可爱的怪人
3-032  A lost ship 一艘沉船
3-033  A day t remember 难忘的一天
3-034  A happy discovery幸运的发现
3-035  Justice was done 伸张正义
3-036  A chance in a million 百万分之一的机遇
3-037  The Westhaven Express 开往威斯特海温的快车
3-038  The first calender 最早的日历
3-039  Nothing to worry about 不必担心
3-040  Who's who 真假难辨
3-041  Illusions of Pastoral peace 宁静田园生活的遐想
3-042  Modern cavemen 现代洞穴人
3-043  Fully insured 全保险
3-044  Speed and comfort 又快捷又舒适
3-045  The power of the press 新闻报道的威力
3-046  Do it yourself 自己动手
3-047  Too high a price? 代价太高?
3-048  The silent village 沉默的村庄
3-049  The ideal servant 理想的仆人
3-050  New Year resolutions 新年的决心
3-051  Predicting the future 预测未来
3-052  Mud is mud 实事求是
3-053  In the public interest 为了公众的利益
3-054  Instinct or cleverness? 是本能还是机智
3-055  From the earth: Greetings 来自地球的问候
3-056  Our neighbour,the river 河流,我们的邻居
3-057  Back in the old country 重返故里
3-058  A spot of bother 一点儿小麻烦
3-059  Collecting 收藏
3-060  Too early and too late 太早和太晚